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Rubbernetworking.com portal launched

January 31- February 15, 2001 Issue

Rubbernetworking.com, one of the first portals for the rubber industry was launched on Friday the 22nd December by Mr. S. M. Desalphine I. A. S, Chairman Rubber Board, India at Kottayam.

Rubbernetworking.com is meant to give comprehensive information related to natural rubber to all concerned. It provides up to date prices of various grades of rubber and latex, database of past daily prices, international prices, local, national and international news on natural rubber, auctions and events details etc. Another major feature is the buy/sell room where members can buy or sell the products that they handle. It contains a huge database of all connected with natural rubber such as growers, planters, rubber-growing nurseries, service providers to the rubber community like transporters, banks,, insurance companies, fertilizer manufacturers, agents, machinery manufacturers related to the rubber industry, dealers, processors, consultants, rubber consuming industry like tyre and non-tyre manufacturers etc. The site also provides direct link for all associations, world bodies, regulatory bodies and publications connected with natural rubber.

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We have implemented a LAN Messaging solution in ERTL (S), thereby the communication has improved a lot. The service rendered by them is worth mentioning.

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